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Of Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Wow! That's all I can say!
My date and I along with a few friends had another great evening at Fitz's Coffee Bistro on the square in Elizabethtown (270)735-1755).
Pauly Zarb and his friends were playing outside for the outside cafe. Great as always.

But this time there was something different. We had dinner upstairs.
That's where Don Picozzi was playing! Man this guy! Talk about some classy music!
Nobody in E-town but Don has a market on this. Visit his website at

Don is really cool. And he should be, he has a fantastic name!
He plays a variety of music. You like jazz? Classic big band music? Ask Don, he'll play it.

Wait, that's not your cup 'o tea? Maybe you like Chuck Berry? Rock 'n Roll from the 50's & 60's? Ask Don, he knows it! about this,...FREEBIRD!
You've been in those places where somebody will ask the musician to play it, sometimes the musician might actually know it.
Ask Don, yeah he can play that to! (What doesn’t this guy know?)

Don plays the perfect blend of music.
He can get your toes tappin', and stir a conversation like no other.
And what a showman. During our dinner, he kept the crowd lively and laughing.
One guy was so impressed with this master showman he took pictures of him!
(Plus, my date and I could still talk to one another without yelling)

Yeah, Don had quite a roomful of satisfied and entertained people.
Everyone had a smile on their face...especially Don.
Yeah, I'll be back to see him. I hope you guys come out too!

I enjoy seeing my friends out there.
Last night I was fortunate to see William, Professor Chuck Spataro, Andy, Jerbs, Daryl and
Hollie, Big John, and several whom I have not seen in quite awhile.
I recommend that if you plan on going out there for dinner, make reservations. It seems like every weekend a lot more people show up.

Well my friends, I'm gonna go.
That was quite a night!

William D. Vest III
Vested Theatre Company



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