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Hey Cozz,

I pick on you about playing that "Squeezable Steinway" of yours but truthfully, I have nothing but respect for you as both a musician and a person.

You're a class act all the way!

Gary Fights
Executive Events Coordinator,
Heartland Songwriters
Association of Kentucky


Hi Don,

Thanks again for joining us at the Cliftons Pizza Gig Sunday night. It was fun having you there and I'm glad you enjoyed the music. We had a good time and enjoyed having Megan Gebert sing with us. She's a talented gal for sure.

Thanks again.
Paul Davis
Jazz Musician
Louisville, Ky.


Hey Don,

Just a note from one of your biggest fans...
Thanks for all of the wonderful years of entertainment! I'm looking forward to even more of the same in the future. And to all of those who haven't shared in the "Don Picozzi Music Experience",
as a personal friend and a music venue owner, I urge you to do so whenever you can.

Thanks Again Don,
Bruce Caldera
Backstage Café
Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Response from Don:

Thanks Bruce.
I've always placed a high value on our friendship through these many years.
As anyone knows that's viewed the "TV Interview" on the "Biography" page of this website,
I've credited you and Carla for helping "Jump Start" my music career again after a long absence from the business due to my dissatisfaction with the direction that modern music was taking.

Both you & Carla constantly reminded me that there where plenty of folks out there craving Swing, Jazz and the "Easy Listening" music that I specialize in.

The two of you encouraged me to come out of retirement from the music business and provide the entertainment for "Little Italy Night" at your Backstage Café...the rest is history!

I've been providing Musical Entertainment at some of the nicest restaurants and venues through out the state of Kentucky ever since...

As you know, Backstage Café is well represented in the "Photo Gallery" of this site.
I encourage my many friends to visit this unique "Must See" tourist attraction when they're within shooting distance of Elizabethtown Kentucky. [270) 234-1686

Dig Ya Later Bruce,



I have heard and been associated with many performers in our area and, indeed, around the world.

There are performers...and then there are PERFORMERS.
You are the latter, a consummate musician whose love of music and mastery of the keys captures an audience and sweeps them along on a musical journey.

Thanks for the wonderful music, friendship and discussion over the years.
I look forward to much more of all of it!

Jeff Corkran
Hardin County Playhouse
C2C Training & Consulting
Radcliff, Kentucky



Kerry & I enjoyed your music and conversation at Ernesto's Mexican Restaurant in Louisville Friday night.

We would enjoy listening to your music again!

Don & Kerry Greeno
Louisville, Kentucky



Iris and I extremely enjoyed your company at dinner the other night.
Your new website exceeds the one you had before.

The tribute to Mike is exceptional, the old pictures are a scream and very interesting to see.

We both hope that you find another steady Restaurant Gig soon so that we can listen to the wonderful music that only you can make.

We are glad you are getting better physically.

Allen & Iris Smith
Elizabethtown, Kentucky
...By Way of New Orleans ~


Hello Don:

I really like your website. I checked out your Photo Gallery also. I saw a guy with an accordion in the first few pictures but didn’t see you in any of them. J

Jimmy Armstrong
Radcliff, Kentucky

Response from Don:

Thanks for dropping by the site Jimmy. Hope you enjoyed your visit down memory lane.

We were All Young Once ya know!...

Talk with you soon…

By the way…”Nobody Likes a Smart Guy!” J


Hi Don,

I had a look at your site and it was all I expected it to be.

Nothing But Class!

Keep up the good work.

Art Gause

Radcliff, Kentucky


Hi Don,

Scarlett & I heard you perform at a local E-town eatery.
We were very impressed by your professionalism & the atmosphere created by your performance.

The different styles of music you created with a single instrument along with some humorous commentary made for an enjoyable evening.

Thanks Don,
Eric & Scarlett Downey
Elizabethtown, KY.



Please accept my sincere condolence on the loss of your beloved friend. The world has lost a beautiful, gifted person and brilliant artist.

Carry on with your music and may God bless you with many more great gigs, good health and much happiness.

Trese Osborne

Song Stylist


Hi Don,

It was wonderful to meet you today and wonderful to peruse your website. I hope to have the opportunity to hear you play soon!

Hope B.


Ciao Mr. Picozzi,

I was browsing the internet and I came across your web site. I wanted to say hello. My Uncle is Domenic DiBlasio. When I saw the pictures of The Velvatones, I started to laugh, and many great memories of my “Zio Dee” (and memories of my entire family) came back to me.

Growing up as a child in Cleveland, I always looked up to my Uncle Dee (still do). I am glad to see the pictures posted on your web page, and I am glad I have had this opportunity to introduce myself to you.

No matter where I go in life, the music I grew up with will always have a special place in my heart.

I wish you best wishes and much happiness.

Auguri e buona fortuna,

Tu amico,

Joe Pishkula

Bradenton, FL

Response From Don:

Hi Joe,
What a pleasure it is to hear from you.
Entertaining with your Uncle Dee, (Domenic) Lippo, Billy Donato as well as Vince Samuels is among my happiest memories...

I worked with a lot a good bands back then in Cleveland, but the "Velvatones Four" was the first "Show Group" I ever experienced. In fact, when I joined them, we were more or less a dance band playing weddings, parties and some clubs.

It was another one of your relatives, Eddie Tozzi who encouraged us to spice up our presentation by adding comedy and developing an act instead of being just an other band.

Being a great entertainer himself as well as a member of the well known "Musical Jesters", Eddie was able to give us wonderful ideas and actually helped "Jump Start" our career as entertainers instead of being musicians only and in time the "Velatones Four" became one of Cleveland's Premier Show Groups.

I was only around 22 years old at the time so it was a thrilling time for me.
Actually, hanging out with your Uncle Dee and Lippo was a laugh a minute.
What great guys!
I really did enjoy and treasure the time we spent together.

Great reminiscing with you Joe.

All the best,


Don and Mike,
The 60th wedding anniversary party for Jim and Rose Gates was a real nice time,
and especially since the two of you supplied the entertainment.
I will come as often as I can to see you all play.
It was a great time for me Don, since for the first time in 43 years of knowing you,
I finally got to hear you play your squeeze box.
Thanks again,
Bob Shook
Louisville, KY

Response from Don:
Thanks Bob.
It was a thrill for us to be included in Jim & Rose's anniversary event!
We're also glad we don't have to wait 43 more years before you come to hear us perform again!
Don't be a stranger...
By the way...What's a Squeeze Box?


I knew it, I knew it, Mike is ok, but that Don guy.
I don't know about him with a name like Picozzzzzzzzi.
U Guys are GREAT. Know what I mean...
Charles Carter
Radcliff, KY


Don & Mike:
Keep up the good work.
I think you and Mike are the best.
Not just because you guys play good music, but because you two are Great Friends.

Art Gause
Radcliff, Kentucky


Hello Don and Mike,

How are you guys doing? I wish I lived a little closer to you than we do but 500 or 600 miles is a little far to go for a cup of coffee and a sandwich.

I really enjoy getting your FunFacts paper. I also really enjoyed the pictures on your website. I hadn’t seen your sister Louise in many, many years.I still get a kick out of the one of you and your accordion with our cousin Barb at that young age.

Glad to see you are doing well and business is good. Take care and keep in touch.

Keep sending me the FunFacts paper.

Your Brother,

George Koss


Mike & Don,
Thanks for a great evening of music and entertainment.
Loved the mix of music and your comedy that kept everything
rolling along so nicely.

Richard Findlay


Thank you so much, Don, for bringing out your accordion at my grandson's (Ben Stone) graduation party.
We all had a wonderful treat, and it was great to listen to you.
It was the icing on the cake.

Love ya much,
Sheila Barker


Great website!
Makes me miss my familia.
On April 29, 1978 Don played at our big Italian wedding in Elizabethtown...
One of the first E'town's ever been exposed to!

Don was so debonair playing dinner music on his electric accordion during our dinner hour.
He was our lucky charm because this year we celebrated our 29th anniversary!
Love your music Don.
You are to the accordion what Liberace was to the piano.

Pamela (Rosati) Bentley

Response from Don:
Thanks for your kind words & a big congratulations Pam.
Thanks also for visiting our site...

I remember well your Beautiful Italian Wedding Reception back in 1978.
It was a joy and my pleasure to entertain your guests on that very special day.
The Rosati's accepted & treated me as part of the familia.
I miss them too!
Let's I remember, I was about 5 years old when I played for your
My Best to You & Your Family Always Pam,



Hey guys,
My husband and I had a good time at the Gondolier.
I could get to liking Jazz...
See you soon.

Deb Clark
Hardin County, Kentucky



Its nice to see your doing OK.
Luke and I really enjoyed your music the couple of times we got to see you perform.
We hope to get out soon to one of your shows.
Keep us on your mailing list as we hope to attend a show real soon.
Maybe we will get to do a show together sometime.
Take care,

Amber & Luke Martin


Great to speak with you tonight at the Gondolier Italian Restaurant.
I'll look you and Mike up the next time I'm in E-town.
Carl Shawber


Don & Mike:
Nice pictures. I remember Mike telling me of his younger days.
Don...I always look forward to your funny e-mails.
Thanks for the Memories.
Dr. Joe Oropilla
Elizabethtown, KY



Thank you for the great evening. We really loved your music.

Thank you for the wonderful event.

Best to you and Mike.



You guys are one class act!

Cindy Chamberlain
Elizabethtown, Kentucky


Mike & Don,
We so enjoyed your music, you did a wonderful job.
We were just talking about how we wished you had been available for "AfterDinnerWorks" this Friday.
We will definitely call you again.
I had guests with me that night who are musicians and they were so complimentary.
Thank you for helping make our evening so special.

Kay Grubola
Louisville Visual Art Association


Hi Don & Mike:
We had a great time at Cliftons Pizza and enjoyed your music very much. We look forward to seeing you again in the near future. By the way thanks for playing at our 25th wedding anniversary.

You and Mike made it a very special night!

Jeff and Sue Mosher
Munfordville, KY

My wife and I met you and Mike at the Gondolier Italian Restaurant a couple weeks ago.
We moved to E-town from New Orleans where there was once an abundance of live music being played in restaurants.

We were elated to hear the same kind of music being played here in E-town.
As wonderful as the music was I think we enjoyed the conversation with yourself and Mike even more.
We look forward to hearing you boys play again when we return to the Gondolier.

Allen and Iris Smith


Dear Don & Mike,
We wanted to thank you both again for the fun evening we had at the Gondolier Italian Restaurant. Hope you will play again for our 60th!
It's great to have such a fine husband and friends.
Walt & Kathy


Hi Don,
We had a great time and enjoyed your music very much. We look forward to seeing you again in the near future. By the way thanks for playing at our 25th wedding anniversary. You and Mike made it a very special night!

Jeff and Sue Mosher
Munfordville, KY



Really enjoyed your performance on our opening night at the All New Junction Jamboree on January 7, 2006. I liked what I heard. It sounded great.

Hope to see you again real soon. Oh!…By the way, your nail is now being used behind the box office. I put your calendar up on Sunday. And thanks for signing our guest book.

See you soon.

Phyllis Duke
Junction Jamboree
Lebanon Junction, Kentucky


Hey Cozz,

I heard you playing the Melodica, sitting in with the Gary Falk Trio tonight at Clifton's Pizza.
Man, you guy's really rocked that place!

Hope to see you there again soon.


Hey Don,

Thanks for coming out and jamming with us at Clifton's Pizza. We accordion guys gotta stick together! See you soon!

Todd Hildreth,
Jazz Accordionist
The Todd Hildreth Trio
Louisville, KY



It was a pleasure meeting in Elizabethtown at one of my shows a few months ago. The Greatest pleasure however was to have the honor of being part of a show with you at the Shepherdsville Country Music Show. You have an amazing talent and it showed with the great response from the crowd.

I look forward to making one of your other shows very soon in E-town. Maybe we will have the opportunity to work together again soon.

Hope to see you soon,
Amber Martin
Country Music Vocalist



Thanks for helping make our 50th class reunion “special” by playing the great music of the 1950’s.


Fay Davenport

"Class of 1955"

Hodgenville High School



I saw you on TV today! Good job! Hope you got a video-tape ...

You were relaxed, you spoke like you always do, & you gave the right amount of information so you didn't overwhelm folks, but you were interesting.

You did yourself proud on the TV ...

Cindy Chamberlain


Hey Don!

This site is pretty good!

I enjoyed playing with you and the “Impromptu Crew” Sunday night. Look forward to seeing you soon. You’ve got me thinking seriously about how this could work with Sonny and me.


Don Price

Electric Keyboard



Your eyes always lit up when you talked about your music. It is your passion! You have the name, you have the all you need is the venue.

How about Vitos! Or Vinnies! or ......Dons!

Good luck...always

Ross and Linda Becker
Las Vegas



Atza nice!!!!

Just caught your TV performance…Thought it went really well.

I don't remember knowing about the trip to Europe w/Frank Yankovic…did I?

Thought you looked relaxed but professional and...hardly noticed any "shiny head" at all!!

You did good--can I have your autograph???? ;-)

Talk to ya later,

Beverly Mathews



I caught your interview with Carla and Bart on the local cable TV show the other day.

I thought you were very good at telling stories…the rhythm and beat of speaking, of story telling on the TV was wonderful …clear, and interesting…

I was wondering if being a good story teller helps in your music playing?

In any case I enjoyed listening to you and it was clear the respect and rapport you have with Carla and Bart…

One of these days my wife and I are going to stop by and enjoy your music.


Charles P. Spataro


Elizabethtown Community and Technical College



Great to talk to you this evening. Perhaps we'll have the opportunity to team up on some of the standards that we both love.

Garry Falk

VP, Louisville Federation of Musicians, Local 11-637.


It was great to see you at the SAD! What a surprise! And this web site is fantastic! You've given us a goal, now, to go to E-town and enjoy an evening with you.

By the way, Pat's comment ("You've got'n old") is her standard line for anyone she hasn't seen in decades!
The proper reply to it is...
"You too!"

Your long-time brother,
John Stroud


Hello Don

It was nice to see you yesterday at the assembly. It's nice to see you are still making music.
We'll be in E-town today to see Eric and Scarlett. Cool web site!!!
Please email us any public gigs you will be performing.

Tap at you later,
Allen Janes


I've known Don for a couple of years but it seems like I've known him much longer than that!
He has supported me during my singing by coming to see me a whole lot! I've even had the privilege to play along side Don a couple of times.

I've noticed that my picture has occurred several times throughout this website, and I am flattered. My husband Mick and I enjoy seeing Don perform and when they are together watching me, they seem to have very interesting conversations!

I really appreciate knowing Don and his friendship is very valuable to me. I am proud to be acquainted with such a great & talented person!

Thanks for everything,
From your friend,
Emily Portman-Pirtle
County Music Song Stylist


Hello Don, My long time friend.

From the days when you sauntered into my music store to put my store logo on Hats, Jackets, T-Shirts, and such. (pretty nice plug, Huh?)

And being a friend through the trials, tribulations, downs, and up's in the past 18 years or so,

of all the people I know, Your definitely One of them..

Proud to have you call me "Friend".

Michael B. Porter,

Elizabethtown, KY


It is always a pleasure to listen to you perform. Your a great musician and a wonderful person. It's a pleasure knowing you. Can't wait for the new Italian spot to open.

Your friend,
Karl Schroeder
Schroeder's Music
Elizabethtown, KY


Hi Don,

May your music career continue to flourish.

Best Wishes,

Janet W.
Sellersburg, Indiana


Hey Don,

CiCi's got beat out by Chuckie Cheese huh? That dirty rat!*#><*.

Well, the new Italian place (Corbano's) sounds like a great gig for ya.

Good luck.
Bruce Caldera
Backstage Cafe'


Hi Don

Just wanted to say, man you really rock! I've never heard heavy metal played like that before, it was mind blowing!

Ozzy Osbourne

(Just kidding)


Keep up the good work, you are truly one of a kind, and a great one at that!

Your friend
Kevin Rees, Guitarist
Louisville, Kentucky


Hey there buddy,

Glad you're back in the Music BIZ! WE "show folk" gotta stick together. See ya at the GRAMMYS....

Carla Riggs-Hall
"Your Soup Queen"



It was a pleasure to be able to perform with you at Louisville's Glenmary Country Club and I'm looking forward to many more enjoyable times together.

I'll let you know when I receive the Glenmary gig photos.

See you soon my friend, and thank you so much for the mention on your web site. A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

Your Friend,
Bob Cooper
Kenny Rogers Impressionist
"Country Stars Revue"


Hey Don!

Enjoyed listening to you Saturday night at the Glenmary Country Club party. You had a great range of music and such Easy Listening! Loved the Italian tunes!
Hope to see you again, sometime.

Thanks Again,
(One of George's daughters)
PS...Happy Cooking! Bam!



I was truly impressed with you and your talent when I finally got to visit you at the Holiday Inn, Sunday, December 5th. You truly are one of a kind, and I am proud to call you my friend.
From one entertainer to another, keep up the good work of making folks happy with your gift of music.

Your Friend,
Bob Cooper
of the "Country Stars Revue"


Hey Music Man,

My wife and I liked your web site. But we must say that your performance is much better. We must admit that when you play at a restaurant, we come for the music and not the food. Don't change a bit.

Shawn, Tami, and Raiden Robinson


I love your web page. Terry & I will get down to see you as soon as we can. We stay so busy. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. See you at "the Junction" (Ice Cream Lady.)

Charlotte Payne
Louisville, Kentucky


We enjoyed your music last night at Bunbakers. Had a lot of fun. Beautiful website...

I have friends that will be sent to it so that maybe they'll get to know you and you all can get together. They are doowopp'ers.The Original Majestics, also one from the Trendells etc.

Robert Palmer
Louisville, KY


Salut Don!

Ce fut un vrai plaisir d'etre en ta compagnie et de m'eclater avec toi! Tu assures comme un bete!

A bientot
Daniel Chombeau
from France


Hi Don!

It was a real pleasure to be with you. I enjoyed it so much!
You are a rock star!

See you
Daniel Chombeau
from France

Comment from Don:

Daniel was sitting near the bandstand during my Sunday afternoon gig at Elizabethtown Kentucky's Holiday Inn restaurant.

He told me he was from France and in town on business for a couple weeks.
I asked him what kind of music he liked. In a very heavy French accent he said that he didn't know many American songs but he did like La Bamba. In fact, he said he sings La Spanish!

I said, no kidding? Come on up and sing it with me. At first he shyly refused but after some gentle encouragement, he agreed to give it a try.

I handed Daniel the microphone...started the intro...and what happened next absolutely blew me away! In a manner similar to Elvis, Tom Jones, and Bobby Darin combined, this rather shy French fellow with his heavy accent, perhaps in his middle to late twenties, belted out La Bamba in Spanish in a way that the late Richie Valens would have been envious of.

People from the kitchen and other areas of the restaurant rushed in to see what all the excitement was about!

He did so well that I invited him to come to Cici's Pizza that evening at 5:50 to sit in again. Daniel readily accepted my invitation.

The audience at Cici's were blown away with his performance. Many stood up and sang right along with him and thunderous applause followed.

Imagine that...An Italian musician, a French singer, belting out La Bamba in Spanish at a Kentucky pizzeria.
Only in America!

Come on back to the USA Daniel...Your fans are waiting for an encore!


Dear Don,

You did a great job at our 50th class reunion. We asked for 50's & 60's music and you never stopped! You provided splendid memories for us all. We've heard nothing but positive comments regarding the entertainment. We intend to have you back for our 100th reunion.

Many Thanks,

Mary Ann & Jack


Mr. Picozzi,

Just wanted to let you know that my friend John and I thoroughly enjoyed your show Saturday evening at Fitz's Coffee Bistro. Thanks for playing our three requests. {"Killing Me Softly With His Song," "Walking After Midnight" and "Sweet Home Alabama."} That was great!

That's quite a unique instrument that you play. We never heard so much music come from just one person. Truly a "One Man Band."

We were wondering if you have any CD's available? If you do, how can we purchase them?

We thought Fitz's Coffee Bistro was really a great place to spend an evening. The place is classy, the food was excellent and the music was just perfect! We hope you'll be entertaining there for a while.

We'll be back in two weeks. This time we'll have a larger party.

See you then,
Juanita Priddis


Hey Cozz,

Great website! Tons of great things to look at. I was wondering who the young, thin accordionist is with all that dark hair in the first few pages of the photo gallery??

By the way, where's MY picture?

I'll travel to Kentucky & check you out when I get a couple nights off.

"Keep on Swing'n"

Your Old Pal, Joey Valentino,

Jazz Guitarist


Hi Don,

What a ball we had at the Holiday Inn Sunday. It was really great listening to classy music that didn't overpower our conversation at the table. Connie I and commented on the large variety of music that you offer. It was great hearing some of those wonderful old standards and we especially enjoyed the jazz/blues offerings. The kids got a big kick trying to guess the names of the TV themes.

Speaking of kids, Connie and I really appreciated the time you took making them feel so welcome and a part of the festivities. That's all they talked about all the way back to Chicago. You were a big hit with them also.

You can be sure that the next time we travel through Elizabethtown Kentucky, you'll be on our "to do" list.

Thanks again for a great time and all the attention you showed us.
Rock On!

Mike, Connie,
Michelle and Philip Vincero.
Chicago, Illinois


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